We offer our Clients continuous development which leads to improving the leadership skills, personnel reliability, team work, sales volume, communication, goal optimization, planning, and crisis management. We support the efforts of our Clients and we help them increase the profitability of their organizations, to minimize the waste of resources and energy invested in reaching the desired targets. We have a very professionally developed Data Base of training solutions that have proven their efficiency many times already. We guarantee that we will develop your skills and you will get an unforgettable experience!

ANDRA will oversee the whole process – from the very moment when the need for training arises to delivery of the desired format. We plan, develop the strategy, design the program, combine and adapt the tools according to your specific needs, organize all process, trainers, materials and all other components needed for delivering a really effective solution. Our know-how is based on two main thoughts – the idea that every training must be a real show because the people are willing not only to improve their knowledge and skills but to have fun; and the idea that most important is the end result – the effect the training must have on the business.

Our solutions are having an interactive format that will bring out all your potential and will put it into action. We organize special trainings (product and technical) with the support of experts from the desired fields and through the application of unique approach and format. Our trainings are designed for all organizational levels: Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team and Department Leaders, Key Business Divisions, Experts.