1. Strategic human resource management: our consultancy is dedicated to business owners and managers whose day-to-day responsibilities are having something to do with vital HR functions as planning, recruiting, hiring, benefit and remuneration, performance evaluation, development and training, talent management and motivation. We help our Clients to understand the essence behind strategic HR Management, to be able to evaluate their current situation, set HR goals that will prepare them for the business challenges of the next decade and apply strategies and action plans to achieve their goals at an optimum cost and maximum efficiency. Our experts can consult you regarding:
Auditing, engineering and re-engineering of the organizational/functional structure, intra-organizational relationships, subordination paths, communication structure;
Employee Performance Management – establishing performance goals and organizational standards, developing a performance plan, observing and providing feedback, measuring/evaluating performance, rewarding performance, identifying performance gaps and improving employee performance management;
Leadership development – developing plan for improving leadership abilities of individuals and leadership teams with different trainings and strategies;
Career development – planning for career development according to business needs and strategy, introducing job rotations and promotions and supporting competence development;
Talent Management – planning, tracking and managing of existing employee’s talent, attracting talented new employees, developing strategies for keeping the talents inside the company and developing them;
Compensation and Benefits, motivational structures – consulting the Organizations on the competitive salaries according to the industry, consulting on important C&B issues, designing remuneration packages, planning salary and incentives structures, development of customized bonus systems, development and implementation of motivational structures;
Health and safety – consulting Organizations on different Health and Safety issues with team of consultants, specializing in this matter, supporting the implementation of different procedures, processes and strategies ensuring work-life-balance and well being as well as the implementation of health and safety standards according to the law and national regulations;
Organizational development – supporting the Organizations in areas like management practices, communication, clarity of roles and responsibilities, decision making. Supporting change management, development of organizational vision, mission, values, goals, culture, team development;
Employee feedback – researching and summarizing employee’s needs and opinions, developing action plans, supporting their implementation and evaluating success;
Employment issues consulting Organizations together with Labor Law Consultants on general employment issues;
Optimizing employment cots and other costs related to personnel.

NB. Part of our business is outsourcing all strategic HR issues. For more information regarding this matter please contact Office.
2. Strategic business planning: a strategic business plan provides a blueprint for the future of the company. It sets out the company’s values, mission, vision, and goals and strategies and action plans that the company will use to achieve them. It also provides a sound support on financing for start-up or expansion. We will help you determine not only your precise strategic plan for your business but also exactly how much management does your business need.

3. Crisis Management: Crisis is an unstable or critical time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is pending, a paroxysmal attack of pain, or disordered function is occurring. During crisis we can clearly see that prevention is the key to successful survival. During crisis and economical turbulence we face issues as surprise, insufficient information, panic, loss of control, ineffective communication, destructive behavior, intense scrutiny from outsider/insiders, beginning of siege mentality.
From one side we do help our Clients to take prevention against such abnormal     situations which can cause death of your business.
If the case is already knocking on the door we help our Clients apply Emergency Management, develop an efficient action plan to face the problem, survive the    turbulence, stay centered, and if they have to exit to do it at a maximum value. We also support the recovery processes after the disruptive events no matter if they are    mere inconvenience and short-lived disruption of operations or the very failure of the ability to deliver their products and services.    

4. Starting new business: launching new business or looking to expand might be very hard work but we can help you with strategies and straight talking advice on every aspect of starting and growing a successful business, from financial planning to marketing your product or service.

5. Kick-starting new and existing businesses: you have too much to do and to little time? You feel that your business can do it with a tune-up, but you are too busy running it to sort out the problem? With our fast-proven support you can turn your workplace into a power house. We will help you turbocharge your business, take out the pain of business planning, increase profitability and keep your customers for a long time. We will show you how to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and assess its potential and also learn the success secret of the top entrepreneurs!

6. Growing up: we help our Clients step by step to grow their business addressing the top six barriers to growth, highlighting some remedies and using numerous real practical and success proven techniques for achieving growth strategies.

7. Developing a fail-safe business: as our economy is and will be continuing to become more and more small and medium business driven, a new class of hot players has begun to emerge. They need a whole new set of strategies and operating principles that are revolutionizing the way we do business today. We help our Clients with a detailed guide to starting, financing, managing and above all failure-proving their small and medium sized business with the help of proven strategies and techniques that lead to inevitable success Entrepreneurship: we help our Clients identify themselves with the world-leading Entrepreneurs; we provide them with the needed strategies and resources to create successful enterprises as well as advices, vital for the long term success of every business. We cover key areas such as: financial management and control, HRM, marketing, organizational assessment, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures, leadership, e-business, change management.

8. Financial strategies and management: the most common cause of small and medium business failure is poor financial control due to an ignorance of the fundamentals of business finance and its key factors. Our financial coaches and consultants help managers and business owners to go through times of boom and recession which are equally dangerous. We help our Clients with practical advices under the main business areas: key financial statements, financial analysis, and business plans and budgets. We also do concentrate on essential points like pricing your product or service, keeping accurate accounts, dealing with late payment, analyzing performance, knowing your tax liability, as well as small and medium sized business evaluation.

9. Strategic selling and strategic sales management: we analyze the most important questions that apply to selling and sales management and help our Clients to find the best solution for their current situation and what effect these will have on company’s growth and profitability. In today’s world successful professionals can no longer rely on luck, determination and few good contacts. The time calls for new sales strategies. The strategic selling approach has been tried and proven successful and works no matter what you are selling. We aim to present a unique approach that will 100% improve your negotiating skills and ability to making complex sales, not once but again and again and again. We also aim to help our Clients implement effective sales management. and develop innovative marketing ideas that do not cost a lot of money.

10. Managing and increasing customer satisfaction: we support our Clients to use magnificent tools ti separate their business from the rest of their competitors – by putting the emphasis back on the customer. We give our Clients the possibility to look at their business through the eyes of their Customers, understanding what they really want and getting them to buy more and more often by building up a long-lasting relationship with them.

11. Effective change management: we continuously provide support and valuable advices that benefit any organization contemplating and undertaking major changes to position itself to compete successfully and to survive the increased pressures on them to change. Change is critically demanding for visionary leadership and for altering behavior. We work towards developing a change master plan for every change that can occur – planned or unplanned and help our Clients step by step to achieve the goals and desires of their business.