about_us2The idea for ANDRA was born in 1989 when her founder Ms. Anelia Vladimirova decided to quit her job as an Assistant Professor in The Higher Institute for Architecture and Construction (Ms. Vladimirova has spent 15 years on that position) and to devote herself fully to her true vocation – entrepreneurship!

Feeling perfectly the market’s demand, Ms. Vladimirova established the first professional school for Business Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Office Managers. This was ANDRA’s first face.

Gradually, more and more private and public organizations started demanding the qualified personnel that successfully finished ANDRA’s school and that put the basis of the strategic recruitment and selection of personnel. In 1990 ANDRA is the first company in Bulgaria offering professional recruitment of highly qualified personnel and applying unique and innovative approach.

While the economy and the private business in Bulgaria were developing, the need for professional business consultancy developed as well. ANDRA started investing in this aspect of its business in 1994 and till today has successfully consulted Owners and Managing Directors of more than 320 Small and Medium Size Enterprises. ANDRA has contributed to their successful development and repeated increase in their profitability.

Ms. Vladimirova is ANDRA’s leading consultant, possessing an international Certificate for Management Consultancy, issued by The Institute for Management Consultants in London, UK in 1989 and is an active member of BAMCO since then.

ANDRA is always working with the leading consultants and experts from different business areas (locally as well as internationally) which gives the company unarguable advantage and guarantees high quality and efficient services to our Clients.

In 2001, Ms. Vladimirova established ANDRA’s daughter company – ANDRA-D that provides services in the area of management of investment projects, increase of ROI for these projects, furniture management. For more information visit www.andra-d.co.uk

Ms. Vladimirova has a very solid experience in starting and developing successful businesses and is providing our Clients with invaluable consultancy in this area.

NEW! Now you can book your private consultancy session with Ms. Vladimirova. For more information, please contact our office.